"ShezoMedia" is a media production company located in Jordan

About Us

In 2017, Shezomedia started its work with a program shown on social media platform named “Schizophrenia”, presented by Moath abu lail and Osama Issa. The program dealt with human rights issues in a way that is close to the Jordanian society, and because of its success, the prospect and the idea got developed.


In 2020, “Schizophrenia program” transformed from being just a program to “Shezomedia media Production Company”. The company has a world-class audio and video studios.

The company also has a staff that understands the value of a human and his rights, and knows how to provide media content at a high level, in addition to educating people about their rights, all within comic and serious themes that are close to people.

Today, “Shezomedia” produces value and awareness content in the form of interactive programs, series and films, in addition to marketing content for various business fields, all with standards that care about people and their time, and the quality that all customers deserve.

Our News

His highness prince Mired Bin Ra’ad honored the team of Shezomedia platform after they won the first position of drama category in the reward of “address my subject subjectively” this reward is concerned of media quality that addresses people with disabilities subject.

And Shezomedia team got rewarded for the episode “we disable them” in which they presented it through out “Schizophrenia program” in 2020

Shezomedia team meets European union Ambassador Maria Hadjitheodosiou, and the session ended on a very high note with strong ideas and feelings, her Spontaneity and her support for human rights spirit is remarkable.

We also searched ideas to cooperate in media domain and human rights contents, we will declare it soon

Czech Embassy hosts Shezomedia team to discus cooperation field in human rights and disabled people contents

organization to produce the third season of “so you think so” show, the show will extend to reach Lebanon and Iraq, beside Jordan, and it will be displayed on Shezomedia platform and Bayt Al-Hikma (wisdom house) that the organization manages

Shezomedia signs an agreement with Daraj platform to cooperate on Sharhabil project, Sharhabil project is an awareness project to educate people about climate change and resources waste issues, particularly water resources, Sharhabil is an influencer from BC.

Shezomedia implement a large training project on the art of producing digital content to face hate speech, in cooperation with Arab Women media center and the British council


Shezomedia Implements training on creating integrated content for permanent youth committees in Partners for Good (PFG), and then produce a youth show that trainees will participate in, preparing, producing and presenting, and the first episode was titled “youths and parties

Our Partners

Partners Who Trust Us

Our Work

Listen from me Podcast

A podcast in which Bushra or Hamza reincarnates a human experience for another person in society, he may impersonate an idea or a case as well, and deliver it to the listener in two minutes

Haneen film

A humanly film, the film addresses the issue of Inclusion children with visual impairments in education

Without Experience

A short dramatic movie about the reality of the secretary job in our Arab communities.

You Think So Show

Osama asks people in the streets of Amman, Lebanon and Iraq about social, intellectual and humanity sensitive issues, in a way that makes them answer spontaneously, this can create a civilized conversation about what may some people consider it Taboo’s issues

Corona And Family

A short series that encourages compliance with the laws regarding the Corona period and promotes individual responsibility for a safer society

Save The Women

A program that includes the journalist Osama Issa and the international human rights activist Nada Al-Ahdal, the program is dedicated to speaking on the rights of girls in the Arab world.

Haret Al-Tayebeen Series

A series of episodes that discuss women’s issues, problems and solutions in a simple comic style


which aims to raise
awareness among society to promote the value of acceptance of the other by highlighting some
diseases and disorders that are associate with social stigma (e.g. Vitiligo, HIV, depression,…).

Days” Ayaweem” show

A show that talks about human rights and civilization global days, the show is a human right calendar

Schizophrenia Show

A Show that discusses human rights and freedoms, uses drama to promote the idea, and asks people on the street and discuss them with logic

In a simple way

In a simple way and in a short period of time it simplifies the political and the rights basics, He is accompanied by his cat” Shams” in it

The Youths Show

A youths show prepared and presented by the youths of Partners for Good (PFG), after they get intensive training in Shezomedia Studios

made me laugh

A film that addresses the hate speech issue against religions followers

Our Studios

What Can We Do For You?

Media Production Services

Video production: movies, series, advertisements, shooting courses, and interactive content videos

Music production, commercial and regular songs, podcast recording, voiceover, equipment rental

Rental of video and audio studios with the necessary equipment

Interactive Content Productions

Purposeful content and awareness-raising is always facing the difficulty of gaining access and acceptance from people, Therefore, we have a team that is dedicated to writing value, awareness and rights content in an interactive way and simple language that is close to people, This team is trained and have the necessary culture and deep faith in human rights issues.

Media Consulting

Book a consultation with Osama Issa and Moath Abu Lail in the visual and audio media production and art contents on the social media, or consult on personal brand development and access to your target through your own contents

Media And Arts Courses

Contents writing, Interactive presenting in social media platforms, News anchor, Photography, Editing , Directing , Acting , Voice over, Music compositing, Sound engineering, sound mixer and mastering


We will be very happy to contact you



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